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Being an Employee Vs. Having Your Own Business

In recent years, this question is one of the main issues which one could encounter on any forums for personal development. Usually the answer which might be found there is the one that the only possible way to be successful is to start your own business. In such forums this is explained with all the benefits of being able alone to manage your money and time, being able to realize your goals and especially being a person who contributes to your own development, not to the development of someone else.

However, if you talk with Stamen Yordanov, who has more than 20 years owning a medium business with production of windows, you would hear that nowadays there is nothing better than working a good job at a decent wage.

Where is the truth?

To find the answer to this question is good to be able firstly to answer the eternal question – what does it means to be successful. Business and finance are important to human life, but they are not everything. There are other important factors such as family, peace and especially health.

Developing your own business is anything but a calm and problemless activity. Your working time increases dramatically and the time for the family declined. The stress is many times larger, which inevitably affects your health. Family and health are getting worse and both are important for Stamen at that time. In terms of personal finances, I doubt at this point Stamen would start working for salary somewhere. However, it is important to note, that he dreams being able to leave all working cares in the office, thinking about work only from 8 to 5 and knowing that on every 30th day of the month he will receive an exact amount of money in the form of salary.

Of course, we do not want to convince you to be uninitiative and if you have a good business idea go for it. I just wanted to say that there is another look at things but the very modern in the recent years – do not be a slave to your employer, start your own business immediately and the money will start piling up.

It is important for everyone to find their own balance between health, family, leisure and of course – finances.